Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ov Wires and Connections

"Sub Loam offer[s] clangs and thumps, a series of metallic burps and scrapes that resemble junkyard imrov, a dream collaboration between The Clangers and Pierre Schaeffer. Bursts of interference and helicopter noise, truculent timbres - this rises to the challenge of thinking about space in sonic and radiophonic terms."
-Sukhdev Sahdhu on Sub Loam's contribution to The Unofficial Countryside box set on Wist Rec (from the Wire 371, 2014 Rewind issue)  

I have a couple of copies of this for sale direct, please email to order.

If you are interested in further exploring Sub Loam's hidden terrain of tape manipulation, broken equipment, hedgerows and herbal significance then I also have copies of Ruderal Memory and A Concise Dictionary of Plants and Their Uses available to order.

Drop a mail to sub (dot) loam (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk for any enquiries or orders...

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Plants Projected

'A Concise Dictionary of Plants and Their Uses' as reviewed by Stuart Marshall in The Sound Projector :

"Again and again I return to this intriguing mini CD from Sub Loam (i.e. saxophonist and SP reviewer Thomas Shrubsole), as if it would yield to me its mysteries, but alas! Swiftly am I ensnared and borne upon its pulsating airways, yet just as swiftly it’s over! Where fled those rogue minutes? In this wise, concise designates more than botanical taxonomy, though both here are central concerns: manifest in the splicing of Shrubsole’s pithy breath work and the bloom and swirl of spectral electronic backdrops. Most distinct is this in the first of the three untitled pieces: multiple rows of delicate, trowel-headed honks slowly summoning wispy, electroacoustic spirits, while at the same time suggesting an attitude of horticultural preparation that inspires me to chop carrots in concert. Tracks two and tree are (even) giddier: a tiny sax twittering like butterfly wings caught in swerving currents of pure colour; and finally a slow kaleidoscopic reimagining of all that has preceded. It’s an unearthing of unearthly sensations that could well uproot your mental stability. 39 further copies of the CDR are in existence, all of which are accompanied by a hand-numbered A4-sized abstract print by the artist."

You can read the original review on TSP website here:

Monday, 22 September 2014

Pre-order 'The Unnoficial Countryside'

A 7 x 3" cdr boxset featuring a new twenty minute Sub Loam decomposition exploring familiar Sub Loam themes through trademark esoteric analogue techniques, approaches to audio-fidelity and texture.

Available for pre-order from Wednesday 24th of September here:

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Autumn Bears Fruit

Sub Loam's contribution to the Wist Rec box set 'The Unofficial Countryside' can now be previewed here:

The release is due to be available to buy in October.

Previous Sub Loam releases including this year's electro-acoustic sonic permaculture in miniature 'A Concise Dictionary of Plants and their Uses' and the extended breath and tape meditation of Ruderal Memory from 2013 can also be previewed on Dissolving Records' soundcloud page here:

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Forthcoming/New Shoots

Sub Loam branches out to pastures new. Keep a lookout in the coming months for this new project on Wist Rec based on Richard Mabey's book 'The Unofficial Countryside'.

Further info:

Previous Sub Loam releases can be ordered





Some old stuff currently out of print can be listened to Here

Maybe one day it will resurface in physical form again...

Radio Activity

A track from A Concise Dictionary of Plants and Their Uses was played on the wonderful Sound Projector Radio Show recently. The full show can, and should, be heard here: I would also recommend tuning in each week for a cornucopia of aural delights. Copies of A Concise Dictionary can still be ordered direct from the label, simply drop a mail to dissolving (dot) records (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Release - A Concise Dictionary of Plants and Their Uses

I am pleased to announce the latest Sub Loam, an art edition with a limited print on Dissolving. Green tones for ruderal forays. More info here: and here: 40 copies only, order at dissolving (dot) records (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk Thanks